Sunday, December 16, 2012

My 2012 Shift, Crazy Thoughts and Dreamlining for 2013

Oh, Electric Lizard Queen - this is my baby (blog) and I have not posted in quite a while.

I wanted to take this time to reflect on this whole, crazy, adventurous, roller-coaster of a ride that 2012 was and I wanted to share my crazy thoughts, dreams and intentions for 2013...

How do I begin?

The catalyst to change?

My unhappiness with where my life was headed and what I had 'not' accomplished at that point in my life - reading the Four Hour Work Week and asking myself the question:

What is the cost of inaction? And what is the worse case scenario if I go after my dreams?

Well, the cost of inaction was far scarier then ANY worst case scenario I could imagine, so I began a complete and total overhaul of my life - emotionally, mentally, spiritually, in my relationship and just every aspect of my life.

It has been a year of the happiest moments of my life, the greatest self-relfection and introspection I have ever allowed myself to experience and the greatest change of my 'emotional and mental state' (or belief systems) I have ever tackled.

Sounds crazy, huh?

Well, it's been MORE than that - if you can even imagine it...

From selling everything, to going to a new country and living there for six months, having wild animal encounters in the jungles of Costa Rica; finding secret beaches; meeting multi-millionaires and hanging out with them at a five star resort; finding my million dollar business(es) and meeting the greatest and most inspiring group of people that prove to me everything I have always wanted DOES EXIST in this world.

I wrote a list of my dreams November 2011 and made an expanded list of 100 things in April 2012 (part of it is in Be the Exception) and have checked off quite a few things by this time...

There are many things still on my list - but what's crazy is that I am already on the journey to checking those off too - so time to add even crazier stuff to it!

The greatest and hardest shift for me was my confidence in myself and how I valued my self-worth. It is an easy thing to just 'say' words (and although that is part of beginning a change to shift deep rooted subconscious beliefs) it is truly only the beginning.

There were moments when I felt like I had literally carved the inside of me and just brought it out - looked at it, examined it and just felt beyond raw and exposed. Sounds a little morbid, but this is the level of change I felt I NEEDED to go through otherwise I would not get the dreams that I had always wanted to be my reality.

For most of my life, I always had this feeling that I was waiting - waiting for something better, for things to magically improve or worse yet, for things to just get worse. Although I have tended to focus my thoughts to positive outcomes and I could be the greatest cheerleader for others to reach success, I did not do myself this service. I cut myself down inside all the time.

"I wasn't good enough. I wasn't worth it. I was worthless. I was always failing. I was bound to live with fear. I was a door mat. What would people think of me if I changed."

I would not even consider what I could accomplish if I truly tapped my potential. Maybe it was fear of success?

One of my most painful realizations this year, was that I was first in line to quit on myself - I would never have admitted this, but I was first in line to put myself down as unworthy of true happiness and success. And one line that hit me hard, that I heard from a successful, happy, wealthy (spiritually, emotionally and financially) woman this year:

"If you fire yourself, why would anyone else even consider hiring you?"

I had fired myself long ago - but not anymore.

That is no way to live. If you are not your own biggest supporter, motivator and cheerleader, then what good can you do for others in any real and lasting way?

My true purpose in this life is to live the happiest, most fulfilled and adventurous life - with the aim of serving as many people as I can in ALSO achieving their dreams and really loving themselves (that is where happiness lies).

Imagine a world like that? Everyone loving themselves and others. Simplistic? Yes. Idealistic? Yes. Possible? Maybe, maybe not - who knows. But it doesn't mean that I should give up on that dream. And I never will.

I have met people that live this way - and you know what, they HAVE affected thousands of lives already. And I have met them...this is what blew my mind and this is what I model.

So this year my life changed. Completely and irrevocably.

I have discovered words that did not really mean that much to me before - or maybe I just plain avoided them.

Consistency. Commitment. Persistance. Diligence. Action. FEAR. BELIEF. Faith. INTENTION. Possibility. POWER. Focus. Control.

These words mean very different things to me now. Why? Because when pushed into a corner and forced to take TRUE and MASSIVE action - these words take on a whole new meaning. It's do or die. It's living like there is no tomorrow because the only time to do it is NOW. Because when I see my family struggle, I know I have to step up and make sacrifices now - I will not wallow in the selfishness of laziness or procrastination because the more time I waste, the more opportunities I miss to help and affect the lives of others.

I have learned that it's not lack of resources that is the problem, but rather lack of resourcefulness.

Two individuals can look at a situation and one can say "that's a problem, it can't be helped" while the other one will say "that's an opportunity and it will either force me to change, grow or become stronger."

I strive to always do the latter - which is the hardest because it also means taking 100% responsibility and accountability for oneself.

Along with many others during this time, I find myself reflecting a lot on this year and thinking of what I'd like to accomplish in 2013. But what hit me, and what prompted me to write this post was when I realized how different my 'lens' is this year for my dreams and aspirations compared to last year.

I also realized how OBSESSED I am - what I call my magnificent obsession - with my business but that most people I meet in person are either afraid of it or just not open to the possibility that it's real. It's kind of a funny feeling because I literally feel like I am unplugged from the matrix and I can't seem to have a normal conversation about this with a lot of people. 

But I do admit that when I first read the Four Hour Work Week - I asked, is this guy for real?? And had a hard time wrapping my brain around the concept of automation and income free from time (time freedom) but now it's just part of what I see as the norm and know I will always choose to live my life this way.

So what are my intentions for 2013?

- Hit $1,000,000 in earnings
- Help my family
- Help, coach and show a group of others to do the same - and make this part of my mastermind group ("you are the average of who you surround yourself with" - well, I choose to surround myself with people that know this lifestyle exists, have a burning desire to become true entrepreneurs with a big vision, and to always serve others through charitable means, business opportunities and real relationships built on trust, drive and commitment).
- Continue to study and master my training techniques to combine them with real ways to also train the mind with the body (because that is the only way real and lasting change can happen)
- Publish a book (might start with an Ebook)
- Travel to new countries, learn about new cultures and explore new territories 
- Go skydiving
- Buy a house on the beach
- See miracles happen
- Discover something new that I don't even know exists right now

What are your 2013 Intentions?

One piece of advice I have for you though is: 

Don't wait until 2013, START NOW. Thats the difference between achieving success versus just short term change.

Lots of love to you as always,


P.S. If you want to know what I do or what this talk  of 'unplugging from the matrix' means, check out my other blog: Kat and Romeo.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Decisions, decisions...

"Making a true decision means committing to achieving a result, and then cutting yourself off from any other possibility." -Anthony Robbins

I think this past year of my life has really made me understand the term 'decision.' It was something I never really thought about or considered very often - and looking back,

I understand why I felt so out of control of my life: because I was constantly in a state of indecision.

This year, I have literally put myself into situations where I had to choose what I would do next because I was backed into a corner.
I either had to move forward or end up  homeless and without money for food. 
I have come to understand more what it means that "your daily actions define you." It's not what you do 'sometimes' or 'once in a while', it's what you do consistently that will define your future - and the results are almost immediate if you stay persistent.

I love to listen to audios about personal development and one line which has come to mean a lot to me is the definition of 'character.'

 "It is the act of carrying through on a decision, long after the excitement of the moment has passed."

It has to do with steadiness of purpose - the state of continuing with purpose, unwavering in resoluteness.
I have lived this - and this is a trait that I aspire to embody everyday.

See, it isn't the ability to do crazy and amazing things all the time, or making snap judgements or flipping your whole life upside down overnight - it's the decisions that you make every day that shape your life.
Honestly, Romeo and I had brought ourselves to a point in our life where we just felt trapped - we were living in a cycle of debt and we got to the point where it felt so 'normal' that our daily decisions were just making it more of a reality.
Until one day, I started thinking about my dreams - more and more and more..
And we started to talk about them - more and more and more...
And then it dawned on us - we were 100% responsible for our situation.

This pissed us off!

But it also EMPOWERED us!

And that's what got us started on changing our life and now we are at a point where we constantly, clearly and positively focus our decisions to make our life better.
We commit ourselves to take constant risks, take consistent actions towards our BIG dreams and persist towards our clear vision of our future by living every moment.
We constantly remind ourselves what our life was like for 10 years - and it is a feeling we will always remember and that's what keeps us focused on our success now and the snowball effect we have created towards our HUGE  DREAMS :)

Many of which are coming true as we continue to dreamline month to month !!! :)
Romeo's favourite quote describes it best:

"Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. 

Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails."

Explore. Dream. Discover.

-Mark Twain

It's easy to forget how important daily decisions are - and that's probably why, at least for me, it had lost all meaning in my daily life.
But now, when I see how wonderful this year has been (one year of time freedom, travel, success and amazing time spent with the love of my life, Romeo),
I KNOW how important it is to remember that each decision I make shapes who I am and where I am headed in my life.
I urge you to examine your life and become aware of the fact that you are where you are in your life right now because of the decisions you have made.
DECIDE from this moment on - that you are now focused, and in complete control of your future and watch how amazing things begin to unfold in your life...
To your epic success and happiness!
As always sending you tons of love and positivity!
Kat ;)

Friday, October 12, 2012

Kat's Amazing Skill!

This is just for laughs...

Check out my secret skill...

I challenge you to try.... ;)

Just goofing around! ;)

Workout at home today again...


Lots of love,
Kat ;)